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Extended BaseNode for the new style rendering

refs #901

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parent e70742e6
......@@ -76,6 +76,9 @@
namespace ACG {
class IRenderer;
namespace SceneGraph {
......@@ -168,9 +171,28 @@ public:
virtual void enter(GLState& /*_state */, const DrawModes::DrawMode& /*_drawMode*/ ) {}
/** Draw this node using the draw modes _drawMode */
/** \brief Draw this node using the draw modes _drawMode
* This function is called when the scenegraph is traversed by the classical draw routines.
* In this call the node should draw it's content via OpenGL.
* \note Keep in mind, that you should use
* the currently active state and don't change it (at least reset it the original values you got).
* Otherwise nodes that are drawn after this node might get an inconsistent state.
virtual void draw(GLState& /* _state */, const DrawModes::DrawMode& /* _drawMode */) {}
/** \brief Deferred draw call with shader based renderer.
* The renderer calls this function to collect the geometry that should be rendered from the nodes.
* Add any renderable geometry to the renderer via _renderer->addRenderObject()
* \note You should not draw anything yourself in this function.
virtual void draw2(IRenderer* /*_renderer*/, GLState& /* _state */, const DrawModes::DrawMode& /* _drawMode */) {}
/** The leave function is used to restore GL states the have been changed.
This function must restore the status before enter() !
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