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Merge branch 'cppcheck_fixes' into 'master'

Cppcheck fixes

See merge request !87
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......@@ -84,7 +84,13 @@ class ACGDLLEXPORT ColorTranslator
/// Default constructor.
ColorTranslator() : initialized_(false) {};
ColorTranslator() : initialized_(false),
red_bits_(0), green_bits_(0), blue_bits_(0), alpha_bits_(0),
red_mask_(0), green_mask_(0), blue_mask_(0), alpha_mask_(0),
red_shift_(0), green_shift_(0), blue_shift_(0), alpha_shift_(0),
red_round_(0), green_round_(0), blue_round_(0), alpha_round_(0)
/// Destructor.
~ColorTranslator() {};
......@@ -88,8 +88,12 @@ class ACGDLLEXPORT QtColorTranslator
/// Default constructor.
: initialized_(false) {};
QtColorTranslator() : initialized_(false),
redBits_(0), greenBits_(0), blueBits_(0),
redMask_(0), greenMask_(0), blueMask_(0),
redShift_(0), greenShift_(0), blueShift_(0),
redRound_(0), greenRound_(0), blueRound_(0)
/// construct with QGLcontext
QtColorTranslator(QGLContext& _context)
OpenMesh @ 0837d5d1
Subproject commit 0d3cce6d0a6aab0bb138d80f7aaf6e0dc0176034
Subproject commit 0837d5d1d05050a8fe42461c492c43244fecbb96
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