Commit d19afaf0 authored by Jan Möbius's avatar Jan Möbius
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git-svn-id: 383ad7c9-94d9-4d36-a494-682f7c89f535
parent cf045415
......@@ -53,7 +53,6 @@ acg_drop_templates (sources)
acg_qt4_autouic (uic_targets ${ui})
acg_qt4_automoc (moc_targets ${headers})
# generate/use translation files
# run with UPDATE_TRANSLATIONS set to on to build qm files
option (UPDATE_TRANSLATIONS "Update source translation translations/CoreApp_de_DE.ts files (WARNING: make clean will delete the source .ts files! Danger!)")
......@@ -63,7 +62,6 @@ else (UPDATE_TRANSLATIONS)
qt4_add_translation(QM_FILES translations/CoreApp_de_DE.ts )
add_custom_target (translations_target DEPENDS ${QM_FILES})
if (WIN32)
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