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- add: tooltips and whatsthis messages.

no user doc link was integrated

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......@@ -65,15 +65,20 @@ void SmootherPlugin::initializePlugin()
// Create the Toolbox Widget
QWidget* toolBox = new QWidget();
QGridLayout* layout = new QGridLayout(toolBox);
QPushButton* smoothButton = new QPushButton("&Smooth",toolBox);
smoothButton->setToolTip(tr("Smooths an Object using Laplacian Smoothing."));
smoothButton->setWhatsThis(tr("Smooths an Object using Laplacian Smoothing. Use the Smooth Plugin for more options."));
iterationsSpinbox_ = new QSpinBox(toolBox) ;
iterationsSpinbox_->setToolTip(tr("The number of the smooting operations."));
iterationsSpinbox_->setWhatsThis(tr("Give the number, how often the Laplacian Smoothing should modify the object."));
QLabel* label = new QLabel("Iterations:");
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