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removed depth peeling functions

git-svn-id: 383ad7c9-94d9-4d36-a494-682f7c89f535
parent 322a317d
......@@ -115,7 +115,7 @@ public:
A renderobject is a collection of opengl states, buffers and parameters,
that correspond to exactly one draw call.
void addRenderObject(ACG::RenderObject* _renderObject);
virtual void addRenderObject(ACG::RenderObject* _renderObject);
......@@ -201,84 +201,5 @@ protected:
std::vector<ACG::RenderObject> renderObjects_;
// draw a projected quad in [-1, -1] - [1, 1] range
void drawProjQuad(GLSL::Program* _prog);
/// vbo containing a quad in projection space
GLuint screenQuadVBO_;
ACG::VertexDeclaration* screenQuadDecl_;
// single layer depth peeling
struct PeelLayer
/// target framebuffer for colorTex and depthTex
GLuint fbo;
/// color rendertarget
GLuint colorTex;
/// depth-buf rendertarget
GLuint depthTex;
/// is depth peeling supported
bool depthPeelingSupport_;
/// blends one depth-layer into the current scene target
GLSL::Program* peelBlend_;
/// final copy into back-buffer
GLSL::Program* peelFinal_;
Copy depth-texture of first layer into hardware z-buffer.
This is needed for post-processing or renderobjects with low priority.
GLSL::Program* peelDepthCopy_;
/// occlusion query determining end of peeling (last layer)
GLuint peelQueryID_;
/// Collection of framebuffers for each viewport
struct ViewerResources
/// viewer window width
unsigned int glWidth_;
/// viewer window height
unsigned int glHeight_;
// depth peeling textures
/// ping pong between two consecutive layers
PeelLayer peelTargets_[2];
GLuint peelBlendTex_;
GLuint peelBlendFbo_;
/// Allocate framebuffers and load shaders for depth-peeling.
void initDepthPeeling();
/// Change viewport size for allocated rendertargets.
void updateViewerResources(int _viewerId, unsigned int _newWidth, unsigned int _newHeight);
Stores framebuffer resources for each viewport.
Mapping: viewerID -> ViewerResources
std::map<int, ViewerResources> viewerRes_;
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