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......@@ -111,7 +111,8 @@ void RulerPlugin::initializePlugin()
buttonAction_->setWhatsThis(tr("Measures the distance between two points.\n<LeftClick>: define/change the position.\n<DoubleClick>: reset the ruler."));
WhatsThisGenerator whatsThisGen("Ruler");
whatsThisGen.setWhatsThis(buttonAction_,tr("Measures the distance between two points.<br><b>LeftClick</b>: define/change the position.<br><b>DoubleClick</b>: reset the ruler.<br>"));
\mainpage Documentation for Ruler Plugin
The Ruler Plugin helps to measure the distance between two points.
You can find the Ruler Plugin in the toolbar.
Enable it by clicking the icon shown below.
\image html ruler.png "Click on this icon in the toolbar to enable the ruler."
Once, the ruler tool is enabled you can use following actions:
\li <b>Click</b> on a point on your mesh places the ruler on the mesh, click on another point to get the <b>distance</b>.
\li <b>Doubleclick</b> for <b>resetting</b> the ruler.
\li <b>Modify</b> the ruler simply by <b>clicking</b> on another point in your mesh. In this case, the nearest end of the ruler will go to this position.
\li <b>Modify</b> the ruler can also be done, by clicking on an ending point and then simply <b>drag</b> this ending point to a position.
\note If you click outside of your mesh, the ruler gets a reset.
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