Commit f878c1bc authored by Jan Möbius's avatar Jan Möbius
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Added missing slot to react on fixed position checkbox change ... Needs to be checked

git-svn-id: 383ad7c9-94d9-4d36-a494-682f7c89f535
parent c3077190
......@@ -63,6 +63,8 @@ LightWidget::LightWidget( ACG::SceneGraph::BaseNode* _node, QWidget *parent)
connect(fixedPosition ,SIGNAL(clicked()),this,SLOT(fixedPositionChanged()));
......@@ -178,6 +180,17 @@ void LightWidget::directionalToggled() {
void LightWidget::fixedPositionChanged() {
// Block if we currently update the widgets or if we dont get the object
if (updatingWidgets_ || !getObject() )
light_->fixedPosition( fixedPosition->isChecked() );
void LightWidget::ambientChanged() {
// Block if we currently update the widgets or if we dont get the object
......@@ -57,6 +57,9 @@ class DLLEXPORT LightWidget : public QDialog, public Ui::LightWidgetBase
/// The directional checkbox changed -> update object
void directionalToggled();
/// The fixed position checkbox
void fixedPositionChanged();
/// Color values have changed
void ambientChanged();
void diffuseChanged();
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