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Feature merge plugin

Martin Schultz requested to merge featureMergePlugin into master

The Merge plugin allows to merge multiple PolyMesh or TriMesh objects into one object. If both Mesh types are present, the user has to choose the target mesh type, meshes are then converted respectively and combined. Converted objects are deleted via a queued connection after the merge process.

In addition to a toolbox item, a scripted variant of the merge function is available. The signature for the function is as follows: int mergeObjects(const std::vector< BaseObjectData* > & _objects, QString _name = "merged object", bool _deleteSeparateObjects = true);

_objects is a vector of PolyMesh or TriMesh objects (mixing allowed) _name is the name of the new merged object _deleteSeparateObjects is a flag to indicate whether separate objects shall be deleted after merging. The returned int is the ID of the merged object

Note: During the conversion of meshes new objects are added and after the merging they are deleted. this my take significant time. If you want to merge a lot of objects try to avoid conversion (e.g. merge all triMeshes first, then all polyMeshes and finally merge the poly and the trimesh)

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