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\mainpage Documentation for Poisson Reconstruction Plugin
The Poisson Reconstruction Plugin reconstructs meshes from triangle meshes, poly meshes and splat clouds.
It uses an implementation based on \ref Ka06 "\b [Ka06]".
\li \ref octree
\li \ref references
For reconstruction, point positions and normals are needed, otherwise the reconstruction will fail.
To reconstruct a triangle mesh from one or several meshes (can be mixed types), set the mesh(es) as target and press the Button \b Reconstruct.
\note Setting multiple meshes as target, just \c one mesh will be reconstructed according to the positions and normals of all targets.
\section octree Octree Depth
The Octree Depth can be seen as a refinement level. Increasing the Octree Depth, will also increase the resolution of the reconstructed
model (See \ref fig_1 "Figure 1"). Increasing the Octree Depth, will also increase the memory usage exponential. In Detail: \f$O((2^{x})^3)\f$ where \f$x\f$ is the Octree Depth.
\anchor fig_1
\image html octreeDepth.png "Figure 1: Reconstruction at Octree Depth of 6 (top), 8 (middle), 10 (bottom). Image from: \b [Ka06]" width=1cm
\section references References
\anchor Ka06
<b> [Ka06]</b> Michael Kazhdan, Matthew Bolitho, and Hugues Hoppe. 2006. Poisson surface reconstruction. In Proceedings of the fourth Eurographics symposium on Geometry processing (SGP '06). Eurographics Association, Aire-la-Ville, Switzerland, Switzerland, 61-70.
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