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add more information about reimplementing OpenFlipperThread

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......@@ -132,7 +132,7 @@ class ProcessInterface {
* @param _jobId String which is used as the id of the thread
virtual void finishJob(QString _jobId ) {};
private slots :
/** \brief A job has been canceled
......@@ -258,14 +258,43 @@ A quick example for stating a thread:
thread->startProcessing(); // start processing
Note: If your class is derived from OpenFlipperThread and reimplements the
run() function, you might also want to connect the signal OpenFlipperThread::state()
Note: If your class is derived from OpenFlipperThread, do not reimplement the
\a run() function. Instead, use the \a function(QString)
to connect the your running function with \a Qt::DirectConnection. Short example:
Be \a MyThread the derived thread class
class MyThread : public OpenFlipperThread
and \a parallelFunction(QString) the function which should run by different threads.
void MyThread::parallelFunction(QString) // function which will run in parallel
std::cout << "I am running in another thread." << currentThreadId() << std::endl;
Instead of reimplementing the run function, connect the \a parallelFunction(QString) with
the \a function(QString) signal in e.g. the constructor:
MyThread::MyThread(QString _jobId):OpenFlipperThread(_jobId)
// connect signal function(QString) with the self defined slot function
connect(this,SIGNAL(function(QString)),this,SLOT(parallelFunction(QString)), Qt::DirectConnection);
Note: The OpenFlipperThread will not be notified about job cancelling. You plugin
has to be aware of it.
Note: You might also want to connect the signal OpenFlipperThread::state()
to the plugin's signal setJobState():
connect(thread, SIGNAL(state(QString, int)), this, SIGNAL(setJobState(QString, int)));
Use signal OpenFlipperThread::state() within your run() function in order to
correctly update the job's state.
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