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Remove all children from additional node when deleting the subtree(otherwise...

Remove all children from additional node when deleting the subtree(otherwise we get dangling pointers)

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parent b137c00a
......@@ -106,8 +106,28 @@ bool BaseObjectData::removeAdditionalNode(NodeT*& _node, QString _pluginName, QS
_node = dynamic_cast<NodeT*>(additionalNodes_[i].first);
if (_node != NULL) //valid node delete subtree
// Delete parent node from additional nodes list
additionalNodes_.erase (additionalNodes_.begin()+i);
// Remove children from list, too, since the objects will be deleted
// on delete_subtree() but (invalid) pointers reside in the additionalNodes_ list
// if not removed manually. We need to do this recursively:
std::stack<BaseNode *> children;
BaseNode *current =;
for(BaseNode::ChildIter it = current->childrenBegin(); it != current->childrenEnd(); ++it)
for(int j = additionalNodes_.size()-1; j >= 0; --j)
if(additionalNodes_[j].first == current)
// Delete nodes recursively
additionalNodes_.erase (additionalNodes_.begin()+i);
return true;
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