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Moved html style to common dir

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......@@ -133,7 +133,7 @@ STRIP_FROM_PATH = @CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR@
# definition is used. Otherwise one should specify the include paths that
# are normally passed to the compiler using the -I flag.
# If the SHORT_NAMES tag is set to YES, doxygen will generate much shorter
# (but less readable) file names. This can be useful is your file systems
......@@ -663,7 +663,7 @@ RECURSIVE = YES
# excluded from the INPUT source files. This way you can easily exclude a
# subdirectory from a directory tree whose root is specified with the INPUT tag.
EXCLUDE = @CMAKESOURCE_DIR@/OpenFlipper/Doxygen/User
EXCLUDE = @CMAKESOURCE_DIR@/OpenFlipper/OpenFlipper/Documentation/UserHelpSources
# The EXCLUDE_SYMLINKS tag can be used select whether or not files or
# directories that are symbolic links (a Unix filesystem feature) are excluded
......@@ -693,7 +693,7 @@ EXCLUDE_SYMBOLS =
# directories that contain example code fragments that are included (see
# the \include command).
EXAMPLE_PATH = @CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR@/OpenFlipper/Doxygen/Developer/example/
EXAMPLE_PATH = @CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR@/OpenFlipper/Documentation/DeveloperHelpSources/example/
# If the value of the EXAMPLE_PATH tag contains directories, you can use the
# EXAMPLE_PATTERNS tag to specify one or more wildcard pattern (like *.cpp
......@@ -713,8 +713,8 @@ EXAMPLE_RECURSIVE = NO
# directories that contain image that are included in the documentation (see
# the \image command).
IMAGE_PATH = @CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR@/OpenFlipper/Doxygen/Developer/pics/ \
IMAGE_PATH = @CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR@/OpenFlipper/Documentation/DeveloperHelpSources/pics/ \
# The INPUT_FILTER tag can be used to specify a program that doxygen should
# invoke to filter for each input file. Doxygen will invoke the filter program
......@@ -848,13 +848,13 @@ HTML_FILE_EXTENSION = .html
# each generated HTML page. If it is left blank doxygen will generate a
# standard header.
HTML_HEADER = @CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR@/OpenFlipper/Doxygen/Developer/html/acg_header.html
HTML_HEADER = @CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR@/OpenFlipper/Documentation/ACGStyleHtml/acg_header.html
# The HTML_FOOTER tag can be used to specify a personal HTML footer for
# each generated HTML page. If it is left blank doxygen will generate a
# standard footer.
HTML_FOOTER = @CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR@/OpenFlipper/Doxygen/Developer/html/acg_footer.html
HTML_FOOTER = @CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR@/OpenFlipper/Documentation/ACGStyleHtml/acg_footer.html
# The HTML_STYLESHEET tag can be used to specify a user-defined cascading
# style sheet that is used by each HTML page. It can be used to
......@@ -863,7 +863,7 @@ HTML_FOOTER = @CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR@/OpenFlipper/Doxygen/Developer/html/a
# the style sheet file to the HTML output directory, so don't put your own
# stylesheet in the HTML output directory as well, or it will be erased!
HTML_STYLESHEET = @CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR@/OpenFlipper/Doxygen/Developer/html/acg_style.css
HTML_STYLESHEET = @CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR@/OpenFlipper/Documentation/ACGStyleHtml/acg_style.css
# If the HTML_TIMESTAMP tag is set to YES then the footer of each generated HTML
# page will contain the date and time when the page was generated. Setting
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