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Document ActionMode in Viewerproperties

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......@@ -72,17 +72,39 @@ class ViewObjectMarker;
namespace Viewer {
/// How to react on mouse events?
/** \brief Enum listing action modes of the viewers.
* These enums are used to control the reaction of the MouseInterface and the viewer on mouse events.
enum ActionMode {
// examine geometry, get transformations from mouse events
/** \brief Examine or Move mode
* In this mode no events are passed to the MouseInterface.
* Only the viewer is active with mouse navigation.
/** Picking mode. Actually no pick()ing is performed (!) but events are
forwarded to the application via signalMouseEvent().
/** \brief Picking Mode
* In this mode the MouseInterface::slotMouseEvent() function gets called.
* The picking itself has to be performed by the plugins e.g. when implementing
* \ref mouseInterfacePage
// same as picking, but emit signalMouseEventIdentify()
/** \brief Question Mode
* In this mode the MouseInterface::slotMouseEventIdentify() function gets called
// Ligh rotation mode
/** \brief Light mode
* In this mode the MouseInterface::slotMouseEventLight() function is called
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