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added examples for gathering id

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......@@ -41,10 +41,25 @@
// Set the object id
var object = 5;
// Get the DataTypes and print its name
// Get the DataTypes and print its name. the DataType is returned by the function
\subsection scripting_datattypes_getting_id Getting the Id of an Object
Openflipper provides functions gathering the id of an object.
Also, some functions create an object and return its id.
Some examples:
//gathering id of an object
core.loadObject(QString) //generate an object and returns its Id
core.getObjectId(QString) // returns Id by object name
datacontrol.getObjectName(int) // returns object name by Id
datacontrol.getTargetObjects(DataType) // returns IdList of all target objects
primitivesgenerator.addPyramid() //generate an object and returns its Id
\section scripting_vectortype Vector data type
The Vec3d used in the C++ code is mapped to the scripting language. Details
can be found here:
......@@ -59,6 +74,36 @@
The Matrix4x4T type used in the C++ code is mapped to the scripting language. Details
can be found here:
\subpage scripting_matrix_type
\section idlisttype IdList type
Some functions can perform the same operation on several objects or give multiple objects back.
The Id's of these objects are saved in a IdList. This is a simple list of integer containing the id's.
Example code:
//Assume, "Object 1" and "Object 2" are already created or loaded
var id1 = core.getObjectId("Object 1")
var id2 = core.getObjectId("Object 2")
var list = [id1,id2]
\section qVariantMaptype QVariantMap type
The QVariantMap type is used by some function as input.
A QVariantMap is similar to a map with key and value, where the types of the key and value is not defined.
Mostly, the keys are \a strings describing the property where the value type is of type \a int.
Example code:
// creating a scripting object
var constraints = new Object()
// filling the QVariantMap
constraints["decimater_type"] = 0
constraints["decimation_order"] = 0
constraints["vertices"] = 50
// load e.g. mesh object
var id = core.loadObject("MyTriangleMesh.obj")
// perform decimation
\section scripting_misc Miscellaneuos
\subsection scripting_misc_path How to get the path of the current script?
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