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- Picking functions use size_t instead of unsigned int now (Required to get rid of a lot of warnings during compilation)
- Enabled AUTOMOC in cmake for QT ( If you get redefinition errors, guard the corresponding headers with a #pragma once ; If you get gl.h before glew.h errors, move your widgets not using OpenGL into a subdir and add that to the DIRS macro in your CMakeLists.txt)
- Removed a lot of Scenegraph includes in BaseObjectData to reduce gl qt collisions and replaced them with forward declarations. (You have to include the scenegraph headers yourself now!)
- Removed a lot of unnecessary large QT includes from the Interfaces (Mostly QtWidgets). You have to add your own include statements in your plugins now.
- Removed WhatsThisGenerator include from BaseInterface. You have to include it in the plugins now if you use it.
- <b>Core</b>
- Use QOpenGLDebuglogger
- Queued cross plugin interconnection feature
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