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Added schematic illustration of viewing frustum

git-svn-id: 383ad7c9-94d9-4d36-a494-682f7c89f535
parent 2405cb5f
% Tikz
vertex/.style={draw=none,circle,fill=black,inner sep=2pt},
thinedge/.style={draw,black,line width=.4pt},
dedge/.style={draw,black,line width=.4pt,dashed}
\begin{tikzpicture}[x = {(1cm,0.0cm)},
y = {(0.0cm,1.0cm)},
z = {(2.0cm,0.6cm)}]
\coordinate (O) at (0,0,0);
\coordinate (lo) at (-3,2,2);
\coordinate (ro) at (3,2,2);
\coordinate (lu) at (-3,-2,2);
\coordinate (ru) at (3,-2,2);
\coordinate (LO) at (-6,4,4);
\coordinate (RO) at (6,4,4);
\coordinate (LU) at (-6,-4,4);
\coordinate (RU) at (6,-4,4);
\coordinate (c) at (0, 0, 2);
\coordinate (co) at (0, 2, 2);
\draw[fill=gray,draw=none,opacity=0.5] (O) -- (c) -- (co);
%\draw[fill=gray,opacity=0.5] (O) -- (17:1.2cm) arc (17:21.5:6cm);
\draw[edge] (lo) to (ro) node[pos=.5,above=.1em] {$t$};
\draw[edge] (lo) to (lu) node[pos=.5,left] {$l$};
\draw[edge] (ro) to (ru) node[pos=.5,right=.1em] {$r$} node[pos=.15,right] {$\texttt{Near plane}$};
\draw[edge] (lu) to (ru) node[pos=.5,above=.-1.2em] {$b$};
\draw[edge] (LO) to (RO) node[pos=.5,above] {$\texttt{Far plane}$} {};
\draw[edge] (LO) to (LU) {};
\draw[edge] (RO) to (RU) {};
\draw[edge] (LU) to (RU) {};
\draw[thinedge] (O) to (RO) {};
\draw[thinedge] (O) to (LO) {};
\draw[thinedge] (O) to (RU) {};
\draw[thinedge] (O) to (LU) {};
\draw[dedge] (O) to node[pos=.33,above=.5em]{$\varphi$} (c) {};
\draw[dedge] (O) to (co) {};
\node[vertex] at (O) {};
%\draw[->, thick] (-0.4,3) arc (0:320:20pt);
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