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Added two python scripting examples

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\subsection python_scripting_idlisttype IDList data type
The IdList type used in the C++ code is mapped from python. Details can be found here:
\subpage python_scripting_IDList_type
Here is a simple example of a python script using the holefiller:
# Load an object from a specific path
id = fileoff.loadObject("OpenFlipper-Free/OpenFlipper/")
# Prints the id of the new object
print("ID of new object is : " + str(id) )
# Selects a set of faces
# deletes the selected faces
# And runs the hole filler to close the holes produced by the previous operation
Another example produces an animation of a rotating object:
# We need numpy for array and vectors
import numpy as np
# Generate a cube via the primitivesgenerator plugin
# Set our animation parameters
animation_axis = np.array([-1.0,1.0,0.0]);
rotation_center = np.array([0.0,0.0,0.0])
# Loop over 360 degrees
for angle in range(0,360,1):
# Apply rotation
# Update the current view
# Update the ui
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