Commit 6826cda2 authored by Martin Schultz's avatar Martin Schultz
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disabled ambedded logger as workaround for windows in coreprofile mode

remove this fix as soon as the QPainter problem for embedded logger is
parent 796be7ab
......@@ -600,8 +600,15 @@ void loggerState( LoggerState _state) {
/// Current state of the logging window?
LoggerState loggerState( ) {
return static_cast<OpenFlipper::Options::LoggerState> (OpenFlipperSettings().value("Core/Gui/LogWindow/LogWindowMode",0).toInt() );
LoggerState loggerState( ) {
LoggerState state = static_cast<OpenFlipper::Options::LoggerState> (OpenFlipperSettings().value("Core/Gui/LogWindow/LogWindowMode",0).toInt() );
// workaround for windows issue with drawing logger in scene using coreProfile (thank you Qt)
#ifdef WIN32
if(coreProfile_ && state == LoggerState::InScene)
return LoggerState::Normal;
return state;
/// Which mode should is currently selected?
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