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Changed packages path in docu to match the right one (actually NOT OpenMesh)

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......@@ -117,7 +117,7 @@
* <li> Set the QTDIR Variable to your Qt Installation directory </li>
* <li> Extract OpenFlipper source code. </li>
* <li> Get all required libraries and install them ( including headers! ).</li>
* <li> Open <code><b> OpenMesh\qmake\packages\packages.Windows </b></code> in a text editor and change header and library paths<br>
* <li> Open <code><b> OpenFlipper\qmake\packages\packages.Windows </b></code> in a text editor and change header and library paths<br>
* such that they match the ones installed (see comments to find path entries).</li>
* <li> Open Visual Studio 2008 and go to Tools->Visual Studio command prompt</li>
* <li> Go to the toplevel OpenFlipper directory </li>
......@@ -137,7 +137,7 @@
* - Install required libraries (using a portage system like MacPorts is recommended)
* - Download and extract OpenFlipper sources<br />
* (or download via svn:<code><b> svn co OpenFlipper</b></code>)
* - Adapt library and header paths in <code><b> $OpenFlipper/qmake/packages/packages.Darwin </b></code>
* - Adapt library and header paths in <code><b> OpenFlipper/qmake/packages/packages.Darwin </b></code>
* - Go into OpenFlipper's root directory and type <code><b> qmake -spec macx-g++ </b></code>
* - Type <code><b>make qmake_all</b></code> to build all Makefiles
* - Now type <code><b>make release</b></code> to build OpenFlipper
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