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BaseInterface object updated

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......@@ -94,7 +94,10 @@ class BaseInterface {
/** @name Object/View updates
* @{ */
* @{
* \anchor BaseInterfaceUpdateSlots
* */
signals :
......@@ -249,7 +252,7 @@ class BaseInterface {
* @param _parameters list of parameters
* @param _descriptions list of descriptions for the parameters (_descriptions[i] corresponds to _parameters[i])
virtual void setSlotDescription(QString /*_slotName*/, QString /*_slotDescription*/,
virtual void setSlotDescription(QString /*_slotName*/, QString /*_slotDescription*/,
QStringList /*_parameters*/, QStringList /*_descriptions*/) {};
/** @} */
......@@ -299,6 +302,29 @@ other plugins are now available and you can setup your userinterface components
The following graphic shows the initialization of a plugin.
\image html startupProcess.jpg
\section Object Update Notification
The objects in OpenFlippers scene are stored and managed in OpenFlippers core. If a plugin changes one of the
objects, it has to notify the core about that change. In turn OpenFlipper will then notify all other plugins about
this change. This functionality is provided by the signals and slots for \ref BaseInterfaceUpdateSlots "update handling" .
\image html updateObject.jpg
If you change data you have to emit one of BaseInterface::updatedObject(int) or BaseInterface::updatedObject(int,const UpdateType).
BaseInterface::updatedObject(int) forces an update of the whole object while BaseInterface::updatedObject(int,const UpdateType)
can be restricted to a part of the object ( Geometry,Selection, ... ; see UpdateType ) and is therefore faster and should be preferred.
Both signals get the id of the object that has been updated.
If the signal is emitted, the core calls BaseInterface::slotObjectUpdated( int , const UpdateType ) of every plugin. You can
implement this slot if you need to react on object changes.
<li>If the object id passed to the functions is -1 all objects should be treated as updated.
<li>Never emit the signal BaseInterface::updatedObject() inside the updated object slots as this causes endless loops!
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