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/*! \page changelog Changelog
- <b>OpenFlipper 1.4 ( ?? , 15679 )</b>
- <b>OpenFlipper 1.4 ( ?? , 15755 )</b>
- <b>Significant interface changes and Bugfixes</b>
- Interface: Don't use allow addEmpty in FileInterface anymore (deprecated long time ago and basically unused! The type plugins handle this signal anyway.)
- Interface: Renamed and extended functions to block scenegraph updates. OpenFlipper::Options::loadingSettings replaced by
- sceneGraphUpdatesBlocked()
- blockSceneGraphUpdates()
- unblockSceneGraphUpdates()
- Bugfix: Fixed undirected shooting function returning wrong nearest triangle (was always the one with the most negative distance)
- Bugfix: Fixed undirected shooting function returning wrong nearest triangle (was always the one with the most negative distance) in BSP
- Interface: RayCollision is now a sorted vector conbining standard pairs of the hit handles and their distance to the hit
- Interface: Render Interface: Implemented capabilities check for renderer interface
- Interface: ACG, Renamed the basecolor functions in the core to defaultColor
- Build: Default to relesae build type by default
- <b>ACG</b>
- General
- Added simple scenegraph analysis function to get bounding box and multipass number
- Fixed standard rendering pipeline to use the basecolor now (emmisive)
- Renamed the basecolor functions in the core to defaultColor
- Geometry/BSP
- Removed dependency from bsp to OpenFlipper (not required and causes unnecessary linking)
- Added directional BSP ray shooting including unit tests
......@@ -39,6 +43,7 @@
- Speedup: Removed unnecessary update function from resetSceneGraph (already updated on demand)
- Speedup: Removed redundant call in BaseObjects next function
- Fix: Fixed action mode toggling via meta or alt keys (only worked, if already switched between modes before hitting the keys)
- Fix: Video capture could crash due to illegal thread access
- PerObjectData
- Added set of standard per object datas
- RecentFiles
......@@ -49,6 +54,9 @@
- Feature : State of toolboxes added via script is restored
- Fix : States of toolboxes is remembered when changing views
- Default changed: Set pick toolbars to default in scene again
- Help Browser:
- Unregister old doc files correctly
- Fixed startpage for windows
- <b>Interfaces</b>
- RPC Interface
- Support for rpc calls with return value and up to 6 parameters
......@@ -57,6 +65,8 @@
- <b>ObjectTypes</b>
- General
- Speedup: Removed the get_unique_name functions when adding any object, as this would cause linear time when adding new objects.
- PolyLine
- Added function to create circles
- Skeleton
- Added include guard to AnimationHandle class
- VolumeMesh
......@@ -73,21 +83,27 @@
- Added multiple choice decimater (up to 4 times faster but with less accuracy)
- Add init button for keeping initialization
- Fix: Decimater objects are cleared before an undo happens
- All File Plugins
- Added option to set output precision of numbers in ascii based file formats
- File Bundler
- New Plugin
- Read output from bundler (SplatCloud, Cameras)
- File PLY
- Fixed wrong casting of colors ( written files contained only black and white colors
- File Off
- Fixed reading of some binary files, which were not opened correctly
- Isotropic Remesher
- Increased toolbox maximum
- Info Mesh Object
- Use a hash map to cash the target objects to avoid linear time lookup for the targets
- Don't show genus, when the object is not closed
- Material Picker
- New Plugin to store and set materials on objects
- MeshRepair
- Fix: flip orientation does not produce holes anymore
- New snap boundary function
- Added fix topology function
- Added a function to fix a mesh by snapping vertices in a specific range into one vertex
- Move
- Added scripting function for the transformation of handle vertices.
- Primitives Generator
......@@ -116,6 +132,8 @@
- Removed example path from doxyfiles for user documentation
- Added colored point rendering stuff.
- <b>Build system</b>
- Default to release build type by default
- Added plugin collections to cleanup directory structure
- Extract library path for glut on windows
- Added workaround, if found is defined in lowercase for optional dependency
- Increased Qt warning to 4.8.3
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