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More scripting documentation

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\page scripting OpenFlipper Scripting
\page scripting OpenFlipper Scripting and Batch Mode
TODO: OpenFlipper Scripting and examples.
\section scripting_batch_mode OpenFlipper Batch mode
OpenFlipper can be started in batch mode without a graphical user interface by providing "-b"
as a command line option. Furthermore you have to provide an OpenFlipper script (extension is .ofs),
which will get executed. To get output to the command line, you also have to provide the command
line switch "-c". Only plugins which support batch mode ( They implement an nogui() function ), will
be loaded. For example, no renderers, postprocessors or other plugins providing only user interface
or graphical functionality will be loaded. You can see on the command line (when "-c" is given),
which plugins are activated and which are skipped in batch mode.
\section scripting_iterating Iterating over objects
In the scripting system you can also iterate over objects in the scene.
......@@ -52,7 +59,14 @@ TODO: OpenFlipper Scripting and examples.
The Matrix4x4T type used in the C++ code is mapped to the scripting language. Details
can be found here:
\subpage scripting_matrix_type
\section scripting_misc Miscellaneuos
\subsection scripting_misc_path How to get the path of the current script?
// The path of the currently executed script is stored in the ScriptPath variable.
\section scripting_examples Scripting Examples
\subsection scripting_examples_qstringlist Iterating over a QStringList
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