Commit 76153a6b authored by Janis Born's avatar Janis Born
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move OpenMesh include out of ACG namespace

parent 13bdebe9
......@@ -43,6 +43,9 @@
//== INCLUDES =================================================================
// OpenMesh
#include <OpenMesh/Tools/SmartTagger/SmartTaggerT.hh>
namespace ACG {
#ifdef WIN32
......@@ -51,9 +54,6 @@ namespace ACG {
#warning "SmartTagger has been moved to OpenMesh! Please use it directly from there (OpenMesh/Tools/SmartTagger/SmartTaggerT.hh , Now in namespace OpenMesh) "
// OpenMesh
#include <OpenMesh/Tools/SmartTagger/SmartTaggerT.hh>
template <class Mesh, class EHandle, class EPHandle>
using SmartTaggerT = OpenMesh::SmartTaggerT<Mesh, EHandle, EPHandle>;
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