Commit 7eafbb00 authored by Martin Schultz's avatar Martin Schultz
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added signal and slot to add widgets for selecteionParameters to the selectioninterface

parent 0cd20f12
......@@ -659,6 +659,18 @@ class SelectionInterface {
virtual void addSelectionOperations(QString _handleName, QStringList _operationsList, QString _category, PrimitiveType _type = 0u) {};
/** \brief Add interactive selection parameters for a specific primitive type
* One can add interactive selection parameters for each primitive type
* that will appear as widgets in the selection base toolbar.
* @param _handleName The handle of the selection environment in which this operation should be available
* @param _widget The widget that shall be added for parameters enabled for a given primitive type
* @param _category The category under which the specified operations will be listed
* @param _type The primitive type for which the specified operations will be available (0u if operation should always be available)
virtual void addSelectionParameters(QString _handleName, QWidget* _widget, QString _category, PrimitiveType _type = 0u) {};
private slots:
/** \brief A specific operation is requested
......@@ -1156,6 +1168,15 @@ class SelectionInterface {
virtual void slotAddSelectionOperations(QString _handleName, QStringList _operationsList, QString _category, PrimitiveType _type) {};
/** Do not use. Implemented in SelectionBasePlugin
* @param _handleName handle of the mode
* @param _widget The widget that controls the parameters
* @param _category Category
* @param _type primitive types
virtual void slotAddSelectionParameters(QString _handleName, QWidget* _widget, QString _category, PrimitiveType _type = 0u) {};
/** @} */
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