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Document adding nodes to an object. Disable references and referenced by in doygen.

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* \image html GlobalSceneGraph.png
*\section OFSceneGraph_adding Adding additional scenegraph nodes
* \section OFSceneGraph_adding Adding additional scenegraph nodes
* Most of the time, you do not have to deal with scenegraph nodes directly. The Objects (e.g. MeshObject,PlaneObject) automatically
* handle and update their nodes as required. Each of the objects has a top level SeparatorNode which is attached to the data root
* node(PluginFunctions::getRootNode()). Below the SeparatorNode the objects generate their own node structure. This structure consists
* of the structure of BaseObjectData (which is the base class for all visible objects \ref baseObjectDataDescription). Visibility of
* each object is than managed in the DataControl plugin by hiding the subtree below the objects SeparatorNode.
* \subsection OFSceneGraph_adding_global_status_nodes Adding global status nodes
* It is also possible to add several status nodes to the scenegraph. The top level status nodes (typically the light sources) are
* added via PluginFunctions::addGlobalStatusNode(). The light sources are managed by the light plugin and should not be modified directly.
* Please keep in mind, that all objects below your node will be influenced. This includes also core nodes like the coordinate system.
* \note Do not add nodes here, which render objects (triangles,...)
* \subsection OFSceneGraph_adding_data_status_nodes Adding data status nodes
* There is a second possibility to add special status nodes which will be only applied to data objects. These are added via
* PluginFunctions::addObjectRenderingNode().
* \note You should also avoid nodes that render primitives here.
* \subsection OFSceneGraph_adding_global_render_nodes Adding global rendering nodes
* If you need global nodes that do not correspond to objects, you can add them as global nodes (PluginFunctions::addGlobalNode(). These nodes
* should be completely independent of any other objects in the scene. If you have nodes, that visualize properties of an object or
* have a different association with it, please read (\ref OFSceneGraph_adding_nodes_to_objects)
* \section OFSceneGraph_adding_nodes_to_objects Adding nodes to objects
* All nodes that refer to a specific object have to be attached to it. This way, the core can hide them, when the object gets hidden and
* if it gets deleted, the attached nodes will also be cleaned up. The functions for attaching nodes are specified in BaseObjectData (\ref BaseObjectData_AdditionalNodes_header).
......@@ -820,13 +820,13 @@ STRIP_CODE_COMMENTS = YES
# then for each documented function all documented
# functions referencing it will be listed.
# If the REFERENCES_RELATION tag is set to YES
# then for each documented function all documented entities
# called/used by that function will be listed.
# If the REFERENCES_LINK_SOURCE tag is set to YES (the default)
# and SOURCE_BROWSER tag is set to YES, then the hyperlinks from
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