Commit 9196920b authored by Christopher Tenter's avatar Christopher Tenter
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Merge branch 'master' into CameraNode

parents 459966f2 d45b8a27
......@@ -305,7 +305,27 @@ bool remoteControl = false;
bool parseCommandLineOptions(CSimpleOpt& args){
QString port;
QString port;
#ifndef WIN32
#ifndef __APPLE__
//workaround for bug with stereo mode on Qt5.7.0 and Qt5.7.1 on Linux
int QtVersionMajor, QtVersionMinor, QtVersionPatch;
if(sscanf(qVersion(),"%1d.%1d.%1d",&QtVersionMajor, &QtVersionMinor, &QtVersionPatch) == 3)
if(QtVersionMajor == 5 && QtVersionMinor >= 7)
if(QtVersionPatch < 2)
std::cerr << "The used Qt Version does not support stereo mode. Disabling stereo mode." << std::endl;
std::cerr << "Stereo Mode has not been tested for the used Qt Version." << std::endl;
// while there are arguments left to process
while (args.Next()) {
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