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Document startup process in pluginprogramming

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* \section quickref Quick references:
* - \ref plugin_sec
* - \ref plugin_startup
* - \ref plugin_prog_sec
* - \ref geometryData
* \section tuts Tutorials
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* copied to the Plugin sub folder. The cmake build system automatically places the plugins in the right folders
* on all supported platforms. The Plugins are then loaded on startup of the core application
* (they may also be loaded at runtime later).
* \section plugin_startup OpenFlipper Startup and Plugin Initialization
* The plugins are initialized as shown in the following flow diagram:
* \image html OpenFlipperStartup.png
* OpenFlipper first starts its core system. Therefore it loads the settings, parses command line options and initializes
* the QT library. Afterwards the object and scenegraph management are initialized. The next step creates the core
* user interface and the logging system. Now the plugins are loaded in the following way:
* -# All the plugins are loaded into memory.
* -# For each plugin, the interfaces get connected and afterwards the BaseInterface::initializePlugin function is called.
* (Here you can setup your internal variables). After execution of this slot your plugin should be fully functional. Only gui
* elements may be uninitialized and should be created in pluginsInitialized().
* -# For each plugin the BaseInterface::pluginsInitialized() function is called. Here you can setup your gui elements and start
* sending signals to the core.
* -# For each plugin the INIInterface::loadIniFileOptions() slot is called (if the interface is implemented). This slot can be used to load
* additional options from INI files. (DEPRECATED! Use the OpenFlipperSettings() class instead)
*\note - Do not create objects via addEmpty or load objects during OpenFlipper startup, as the rendering system is not ready yet!
*\note - The ini interface is deprecated for loading or storing plugin options. Please use OpenFlipperSettings() instead.
* Afterwards the plugin initialization is complete and the core sets up the final gui.
* \section plugin_prog_sec Plugin Programming
* The interface between the core and the plugins is managed via simple interfaces based on the signal/slot
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