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/*! \page changelog Changelog
- <b>OpenFlipper 1.3 ( ? , 14915 )</b>
- <b>OpenFlipper 1.3 ( ? , 14979 )</b>
- <b>ACG</b>
- DrawModes
- Implemented property based draw modes
- General
- Ongoing work for more advanced renderer interfaces
- Geometry
- Improving BSP tree implementation
- GL
......@@ -34,6 +36,7 @@
- Fix: Help browser tree view selection will be updated if a link to another document is clicked.
- Fix: double loading home page at the beginning
- Fixed warning due to connection to non existing slot.
- Fix: Build error with gcc-4.7 due to missing include in
- IO
- BaseObject now stores the filename of an object from which it was loaded
- BaseObject now stores the path of an object from which it was loaded
......@@ -48,10 +51,13 @@
- Paste View: Integrate the toolbox size into the copied view
- Default changed when removing objects (Defaults to yes now)
- Improvement: When switching to orthogonal mode, the coordinate system now switches to ortho projection, too
- Fix: Snapshot function on windows did not capture the gl widget correctly (fixes #943)
- BaseViewer
- Get rid of the twenty region pick functions in the qtbaseviewer (Merged to one)
- PluginFunctions
- Fixed plugin function for isProjectionOrthographic which did not work for the active_viewer. (Thanks to Bengt Rosenberger for the report)
- Process management
- Enable process support without GUI
- <b>ObjectTypes</b>
- BSplineCurve
- Fixed colors
......@@ -60,6 +66,10 @@
- Improved implementation and Documentation
- PolyLine
- New objecttype representing polygonal lines (with smoothing, dragging, mesh interaction and many more features)
- Skeleton
- Removed the using namespace part to avoid collisions (corresponding plugins have been updated too)
- SplatCloud
- New property system to append properties to the cloud and its entities like in OM
- <b>Plugins</b>
- Color
- Documentation
......@@ -89,12 +99,16 @@
- New plugin to measure the euclidean distance between objects in the 3D scene.
- MeshObjectInfo
- Support for point clouds represented by meshes
- MeshRepair
- Fix: Don't only detect error and crash but detect error and warn about it (without crashing)
- Move
- User Documentation
- Plugin-PropertyVis
- PropertyVis
- Added color viz for vector properties
- Scripting
- Sort list of available functions
- Selection Base
- Allow selection plugins to restrict its selection metaphors to specified data types (or all if none is given).
- SelectionMeshObject
- Added scripting function to select vertices based on the value of one of their components
- Subdivider
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