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Updated changelog on master

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......@@ -30,6 +30,9 @@
- Disable use of custom GL blend functions in LineNode.
- Shader Generator
- Added Texture coordinate generation
- Added DepthStencil FBO handling
- New Query Object
- Depth Range Render Object
- <b>Core</b>
- IO
- Emit warning in save object function, if object can't be retrieved
......@@ -45,6 +48,8 @@
- fix screenshot buffer creation (fixes screenshot with multiple instances of OF)
- fix alpha channel of snapshots refs #2506
- <b>Interfaces</b>
- Base Interface
- Added signals slot to block scenegraph updates (Enables blocking through the event queue to keep the order fixed)
- Process Interface
- Fixed memory leak
- Process Manager: removed redudant code/speed up
......@@ -61,6 +66,7 @@
- New feature: Copy view as C-style string. Holding Ctrl while clicking the "Copy View" context menu action now copies a C-style string to the clipboard.
- <b>License Manager</b>
- Remove function pointers which produce errors in C++11
- Improved handling of time constraints for License management
- <b>Documentation</b>
- More scripting documentation
- OpenFlipperThread: Add more information about reimplementing the interface
......@@ -68,13 +74,20 @@
- added examples for gathering object ids via script
- <b>ObjectTypes</b>
- Added PolyLine colored segment rendering
- PolyLine fixes (performance, rendering bug for segments)
- PolyLine: improved picking via shader
- <b>Plugins</b>
- Align Meshes
- New plugin which can be used to align meshes
- Requires Eigen3 to compute PCA
- Backup
- Added Optionswidget for max backups
- Added missing restore signal for ui buttons (refs #2407)
- fixes problem with textures after undo operation (refs #2407)
- update re/undo buttons after clear all
- create correct object on poly/tri mesh copy
- Datacontrol
- Some null pointer checks to avoid a crash
- Decimater
- Added process interface to decimater and using the observer pattern for progress bar
- gui-only slots declared as private slots
......@@ -98,6 +111,8 @@
- Added Mac support
- PrimitiveGenerator
- add initial backups for each generated primitive (refs #2407)
- PropertyVis
- force static property casts in property visualizer due to failing dynamic cast caused be different typeids over different shared objects on mac
- Remesher
- add nogui support (closes #2384)
- Selection
......@@ -105,6 +120,8 @@
- TextureControl
- image storage checks last modification of a texture and reloads it again if necessary closes #2381
- <b>Build System</b>
- Optional static linking of plugins into core (for debugging)
- Sort plugin configuration
- Catching of SIGSEGV can now be controlled through CMake flag.
- CMake flag for enabled debug console on windows in release mode
- Make OpenVolumeMesh non mandatory for build
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