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/** \page uiconcept "User Interface Concepts"
/** \page uiconcept User Interface Concepts
* The OpenFlipper user interface is composed of 4 essential widgets
* OpenFlipper is a powerful tool that allows implementing algorithms on geometry
* with preferably small effort.
* It bases on the Qt plugin model such that it is easily extendable
* by user defined plugins. For information on how Qt plugins work we recommend
* developers to read the Qt documentation. The integration of a plugin into
* OpenFlipper's user interface and its interactivity are controlled by
* \ref interfaces that can be implemented. Also see \ref pluginProgramming for
* a few small tutorials on OpenFlipper plugin programming.
* \section userInterface The user interface
* The OpenFlipper user interface is composed of four essential widgets
* each accessible and extendable by user plugins:
* -\ref viewport_widget
* -\ref plugin_widget
* -\ref logging_widget
* -\ref tool_bar
* - \ref viewport_widget
* - \ref plugin_widget
* - \ref logging_widget
* - \ref tool_bar
* \section viewport_widget The viewport widget
* The viewport widget visualizes the whole scenegraph. One can adjust
* viewer specific settings by chosing \c View in OpenFlippers
* menu bar. Adjustable settings contain:
* - Drawmodes (points, wireframe, solid,...)
* - Projection mode (orthogonal, perspective)
* - Set / reset home view
* - Capture screenshots
* - Adapt colors such that they match the desired profile (for printing, presention,...)
* See \ref geometryData for information on how to manipulate geometry
* in the scenegraph from within a plugin.
* \image html viewport_widget.png The viewport widget
* \section plugin_widget The plugin widget
* The plugin widget shows the Qt toolboxes of the loaded plugins. A plugin can integrate
* its own toolbox by simply implementing the \ref ToolboxInterface. Providing toolboxes
* is not mandatory, but most plugins make use of it in order to offer user control
* to its parameters.
* \image html plugin_widget.png The plugin widget with simple smoother plugin opened
* \section logging_widget The logging widget
* The logging widget is used to display plugin specific information,
* warnings or errors. By implementing the \ref LoggingInterface a plugin
* can easily tell the user what is going on inside.
* \image html logging_widget.png The logging widget after opening a triangle mesh file
* \subsection viewport_widget The viewport widget
* \section tool_bar The tool bar
* The toolbar at the top of OpenFlippers main window offers clickable icons to
* quickly access a plugins function. A user plugin can integrate its own buttons
* into the tool bar by implementing the \ref ToolbarInterface.
* \subsection plugin_widget The plugin widget
* \subsection logging_widget The logging widget
* \subsection tool_bar The tool bar
* \image html tool_bar.png The tool bar
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