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salt Example

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/* Salt for security interface
#ifndef WIN32
#warning Using salt file for Plugin-X
#pragma message ( "Using salt file for Plugin-X" )
/** This Macro creates a salt for your plugin which is added to the
license files. You have to keep this Salt
otherwise everybody can create licenses for your Plugin. The special
form of this macro makes the salt string invisible inside the binary
of the plugin so that it is not easy to recover from it.
Modify the Salts below to create your own plugin keys. Then
copy this file to any plugin which should use the license manager.
Additionally add the option
to your CMakeLists generator (e.g. openflipper_plugin (LICENSEMANAGER ) )
Additionally dont derive your Plugin from QObject but from LicenseManager
which has to be the first one in your class definition.
When the plugin is now build, an additional file
/// Specify part your contact mail address
#define CONTACTMAIL QString("")
/// Specify part one of your salt
#define ADD_SALT_PRE(s) \
s += char(80); \
s += char(114); \
s += char(110); \
s += char(43); \
s += char(82);
/// Specify part two of your salt
#define ADD_SALT_POST(s) \
s += char(99); \
s += char(111); \
s += char(83); \
s += char(44); \
s += char(99);
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