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Function to get number of registered types

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......@@ -192,6 +192,11 @@ QString typeName(DataType _id) {
/// Return the number of registered types
uint typeCount() {
return types.size();
/// Get the icon of a given dataType
QString typeIcon(QString _name) {
......@@ -132,10 +132,24 @@ DataType addDataType(QString _name, QString _readableName);
DataType typeId(QString _name);
/// Get the name of a type with given id
/** \brief Get the name of a type with given id
* The ids are organized in a bitfield. So use either the macro for getting the type id or
* use the id directly (they have to be power of 2! ... Bitfield)
QString typeName(DataType _id);
/** \brief Get the number of registered types
* This function will return the number of types registered to the core. You can use it to
* iterate over all types.
* \Note Remember that the types are organized in a bitfield!
uint typeCount();
/** @} */
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