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* - Install required libraries (using a portage system like MacPorts is recommended)
* - Download and extract OpenFlipper sources<br />
* (or download via svn:<code><b> svn co OpenFlipper</b></code>)
* - Adapt library paths in $OpenFlipper/qmake/packages/packages.Darwin
* - Adapt library paths in <code><b> $OpenFlipper/qmake/packages/packages.Darwin </b></code>
* - Go into OpenFlipper's root directory and type <code><b> qmake -spec macx-g++ -o Makefile </b></code>
* - Now type <code><b>make</b></code> to build OpenFlipper
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* The user interactivity is gained by plain Qt mouse and keyboard events. If
* the plugin wants to interact with the mouse or keyboard, it
* has to implement the \ref MouseInterface and \ref KeyboardInterface
* has to implement the \ref MouseInterface and \ref KeyInterface
* (for keyboard shortcuts, etc.). See \interfaces for an overview of
* implementable interfaces.
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