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/*! \page changelog Changelog
- <b>OpenFlipper 1.4 ( ?? , 15931 )</b>
- <b>OpenFlipper 1.4 ( ?? , 15962 )</b>
- <b>Significant interface changes and Bugfixes</b>
- Interface: Don't use allow addEmpty in FileInterface anymore (deprecated long time ago and basically unused! The type plugins handle this signal anyway.)
- Interface: Renamed and extended functions to block scenegraph updates. OpenFlipper::Options::loadingSettings replaced by
......@@ -65,6 +65,16 @@
- Unregister old doc files correctly
- Fixed startpage for windows
- fix: does not unregister help files if unnecessary
- Rendering
- Removed most of the Rendering Code and moved it into The Classic Rendering Plugin
- RendererManager
- Added function to get renderer id from name
- GLWidget
- Moved stereo flag into ViewerProperties
- Removed unused blending flag
- Moved cursor painter to ViewerProperties
- About Dialog
- Display more information about the OpenGL and Shader Versions
- Fix: Don't create icons, when no gui is available
- <b>Interfaces</b>
- RPC Interface
......@@ -75,6 +85,8 @@
- General
- Speedup: Removed the get_unique_name functions when adding any object, as this would cause linear time when adding new objects.
- Merged the two implementations of QtPlaneSelect.
- BSplineCurve
- Make proper use of templates to enable different data types
- Plane
- Get rid of immidiate mode when rendering
- PolyLine
......@@ -118,12 +130,15 @@
- New snap boundary function
- Added fix topology function
- Added a function to fix a mesh by snapping vertices in a specific range into one vertex
- Increased maximal values for the spin boxes
- Move
- Added scripting function for the transformation of handle vertices.
- Primitives Generator
- Added cylinder generator (with scriptable parameters)
- Render Shader Pipeline
- New renderrer, based on a shader replacement of the standard pipeline
- Render Classic
- The classical Renderer taken from the core and moved into a plugin ( Important step to use the new Renderers via Core Profiles)
- Property Vis
- Increased maximal allowed scaling factor for vectors
- Support build without skeleton data type
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