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......@@ -36,8 +36,8 @@ for your specific operating system.
<li> First install the required libraries via your linux distributions package management e.g. apt or rpm (for the list of packages see above)<br />
<li> Extract the source code or get it via svn:<br />
<code><b> svn co OpenFlipper</b></code></li>
<li> Extract the source code or get it via git:<br />
<code><b> git clone --recursive OpenFlipper</b></code></li>
<li> Create a build directory (e.g. <b>build</b>) in the toplevel directory: <code><b>mkdir build</b></code></li>
<li> Change to the newly created directory <code><b>cd build</b></code> and type <code><b>cmake ..</b></code></li>
<li> Now call <b>make</b> to build OpenFlipper </li>
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