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Added comment on how to fix missing icons problem under Mac OS X.

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* - Now type <code><b>make release</b></code> to build OpenFlipper as application bundle (if that does not work, build debug version first)
* - Execute <code><b></b></code> in OpenFlipper's root directory to correct install_name paths within the application bundle
* <b>IMPORTANT: If you don't see any icons in the application you probably might have
* forgot the last step which manages to copy the <i>Icons</i>, <i>Textures</i>, <i>Shaders</i> and <i>Fonts</i>
* directories into the application bundle's resource folder. It further fixes library header paths
* such that the application bundle can be copied anywhere without getting trouble
* with missing libraries.</b>
* After building OpenFlipper the application bundle can be found in OpenFlipper/Darwin_<Arch>_Release.
* The plugins are build into the application bundle's Resources directory.
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