Commit e6638ef0 authored by Martin Schultz's avatar Martin Schultz
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fixed commandline type --fulscreen to --fullscreen

parent 3e7a62a5
......@@ -342,7 +342,7 @@ CommandLineParseResult parseCommandLine(QCommandLineParser &parser, QString *err
QCommandLineOption remoteControlOption("remote-control",QCoreApplication::translate("main", "Batch mode accepting remote connections"));
QCommandLineOption fulscreenOption(QStringList() << "f" << "fulscreen",QCoreApplication::translate("main", "Start in fulscreen mode"));
QCommandLineOption fulscreenOption(QStringList() << "f" << "fullscreen",QCoreApplication::translate("main", "Start in fullscreen mode"));
QCommandLineOption hideLoggerOption(QStringList() << "l" << "hide-logger",QCoreApplication::translate("main", "Start with hidden log window"));
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