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Changed build notes for MacOS X

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......@@ -85,7 +85,5 @@
* Note: If you don't want qmake to build OpenFlipper as MacOS X application bundle
* you have to uncomment line <br /><br /><code><b># CONFIG -= app_bundle # Do not build a framework bundle</b></code><br /><br />
* of function <code>defineTest(Application)</code> and comment out line<br /><br />
* <code><b>DESTDIR = $${TOPDIR}/OpenFlipper/$${BUILDDIRECTORY}/$${SYSTEMTYPE}/$${ARCHITECTURE}/$${MODE}</b></code><br /><br />
* of function <code>defineTest(Plugin)</code> in file <code>$OpenFlipper/qmake/all.include</code>.
* in file <code>$OpenFlipper/qmake/all.include</code>.
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