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Updated documentation of perObject Data

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......@@ -82,19 +82,16 @@ class DLLEXPORT PerObjectData {
/// You have to provide your own constructor for your object
/** \brief Copy Constructor
* You have to reimplement this copy constructor for your object to get copied by the core. Otherwise,
* per Object data will not be copied when the core creates a copy of your object.
* If you reimplemented the function, set copyOk_ at the end of the function.
virtual ~PerObjectData();
/** \brief Copy Function
* You have to reimplement this function to create a copy of your Object.
* You have to reimplement this function to allow the core to create a copies of your Object.
* By default it will return 0;
* The function has to create a deep copy of the object, as it will also be used to create backups.
* If you use pointer inside your class, remember to not copy the pointer only but also the data!
virtual PerObjectData* copyPerObjectData( );
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