Commit fc277f8b authored by Martin Heistermann's avatar Martin Heistermann
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Make some propVis settings accessible from script.

Only implemented for bool and double properties, extending
it to other property types is trivial.
parent 36fd3158
......@@ -47,13 +47,25 @@
namespace ACG {
inline Vec4f to_Vec4f(const QColor _color){
inline Vec4f to_Vec4f(const QColor &_color){
return Vec4f(_color.redF(),
inline Vec4d to_Vec4d(const QColor &_color){
return Vec4d(_color.redF(),
inline QColor to_QColor(const Vec4d &c) {
return QColor::fromRgbF(c[0], c[1], c[2], c[3]);
} // namespace ACG
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