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Updated german translation

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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<TS version="2.0" language="de_DE" sourcelanguage="en">
<TS version="2.1" language="de_DE" sourcelanguage="en_US">
<location filename="../" line="18"/>
<source>Polygonal Line</source>
<translation>Polygonale Linie</translation>
<translation type="vanished">Polygonale Linie</translation>
<location filename="../" line="23"/>
<location filename="../" line="27"/>
<location filename="../" line="61"/>
<location filename="../" line="65"/>
<source>Poly-Line files ( *.pol )</source>
<translation>Poly Linien Dateien</translation>
<location filename="../" line="113"/>
<location filename="../" line="131"/>
<location filename="../" line="120"/>
<source>saveObject : cannot get object id %1 for save name %2</source>
<translation>saveObject: Kann Objekt Nummer %1 nicht finden um es als %2 zu speichern</translation>
<location filename="../" line="130"/>
<location filename="../" line="148"/>
<source>Cannot find object for id %1 in saveFile!</source>
<translation>Kann Objekt mit der Nummer %1 nicht finden!</translation>
<location filename="../" line="155"/>
<location filename="../" line="169"/>
<source>PolyLine %1.pol</source>
<translation>PolygonaleLinie %1.pol</translation>
<translation type="vanished">PolygonaleLinie %1.pol</translation>
<location filename="../FilePolyLine.hh" line="52"/>
<location filename="../FilePolyLine.hh" line="100"/>
<source>Load/Save Poly Lines</source>
<translation>Lade/Speichere Polygonale Linien</translation>
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