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Fixed documentation warnings

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......@@ -574,12 +574,13 @@ int InfoMeshObjectPlugin::getClosestVertexInFace(MeshT* _mesh, int _face_idx, AC
/** \brief Find closest edge to selection
* @param _mesh Reference to the mesh
* @param _mesh Reference to the mesh
* @param _face_idx Index of the face that has been clicked on
* @param _hitPoint The point which will be tested
template <class MeshT>
int InfoMeshObjectPlugin::getClosestEdgeInFace(MeshT* _mesh, int _face_idx, ACG::Vec3d& _hitPoint) {
int InfoMeshObjectPlugin::getClosestEdgeInFace(MeshT* _mesh, int _face_idx, const ACG::Vec3d& _hitPoint) {
typename MeshT::ConstFaceHalfedgeIter fh_it;
typename MeshT::VertexHandle v1, v2;
......@@ -188,7 +188,7 @@ class InfoMeshObjectPlugin : public QObject, BaseInterface, InformationInterface
/// Get closest edge index from a face
template< class MeshT >
int getClosestEdgeInFace(MeshT* _mesh, int _face_idx, ACG::Vec3d& _hitPoint);
int getClosestEdgeInFace(MeshT* _mesh, int _face_idx, const ACG::Vec3d& _hitPoint);
/// Get closest vertex index from an edge
template< class MeshT >
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