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Moved Plugin-Info to Plugin-InfoMeshObject

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include (plugin)
if (EXISTS ${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/ObjectTypes/TSplineMesh)
endif ()
openflipper_plugin (DIRS TSplineMesh TRANSLATION_LANGUAGES de_DE)
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// CLASS InfoPlugin
// Author: David Bommes <>
//== INCLUDES =================================================================
#include <QObject>
#include <OpenFlipper/BasePlugin/BaseInterface.hh>
#include <OpenFlipper/BasePlugin/InformationInterface.hh>
#include <OpenFlipper/BasePlugin/StatusbarInterface.hh>
#include <OpenFlipper/BasePlugin/LoggingInterface.hh>
#include <OpenFlipper/common/Types.hh>
#include <ObjectTypes/PolyMesh/PolyMesh.hh>
#include <ObjectTypes/TriangleMesh/TriangleMesh.hh>
#include "infoDialog.hh"
#include "infoBar.hh"
//== CLASS DEFINITION =========================================================
/** \brief Plugin to visualize information about objects in the scene
Plugin to visualize information about objects in the scene
class InfoPlugin : public QObject, BaseInterface, InformationInterface, LoggingInterface, StatusbarInterface
// BaseInterface
void setSlotDescription(QString _slotName, QString _slotDescription,
QStringList _parameters, QStringList _descriptions);
// LoggingInterface
void log(Logtype _type, QString _message);
void log(QString _message);
// StatusbarInterface
void addWidgetToStatusbar(QWidget* _widget);
private slots :
// BaseInterface
void initializePlugin();
void pluginsInitialized();
void slotObjectUpdated( int _identifier, const UpdateType _type );
void slotObjectSelectionChanged( int _identifier );
void slotAllCleared();
// InformationInterface
void slotInformationRequested(const QPoint _clickedPoint, DataType _type);
DataType supportedDataTypes();
public :
// default constructor
InfoPlugin(): info_(0),infoBar_(0) {};
// default destructor
~InfoPlugin() {};
/// Name of the Plugin
QString name(){ return (QString("Info")); };
/// Description of the Plugin
QString description() { return (QString(tr("Providing Information about Objects"))); };
private :
InfoDialog* info_;
InfoBar* infoBar_;
template< class MeshT >
void printMeshInfo( MeshT* _mesh, int _id, unsigned int _face, ACG::Vec3d& _hitPoint );
/** @name Scripting Functions
* @{ */
public slots:
/// get total number of vertices for a given object
int vertexCount(int _id);
/// get total number of edges for a given object
int edgeCount(int _id);
/// get total number of faces for a given object
int faceCount(int _id);
/// get the number of boundaries for a given object
int boundaryCount(int _id);
/// get the number of components for a given object
int componentCount(int _id);
/// get the genus of the given object
int genus(int _id);
/// get the center of gravity
Vector cog(int _id);
/// get minumum bounding box point
Vector boundingBoxMin(int _id);
/// get maximum bounding box point
Vector boundingBoxMax(int _id);
/// get the size of the bounding box
Vector boundingBoxSize(int _id);
/// get the length of an edge
double edgeLength(int _id, int _edgeHandle);
/// get the area of a face
double faceArea (int _id, int _faceHandle);
/// get the aspect ratio of a face
double aspectRatio(int _id, int _faceHandle);
/// get vertex valence
int vertexValence (int _id, int _vertexHandle);
/// get the minimal edge length
double minEdgeLength(int _id);
/// get the maximal edge length
double maxEdgeLength(int _id);
/// get the mean edge length
double meanEdgeLength(int _id);
public slots:
QString version() { return QString("1.0"); };
/// set scripting slot descriptions
void setDescriptions();
/// Get closest vertex index
template< class MeshT >
int getClosestVertex(MeshT* _mesh, int _face_idx);
/// Get closest edge index
template< class MeshT >
int getClosestEdge(MeshT* _mesh, int _face_idx);
/// Get edge lengths
template< class MeshT >
void getEdgeLengths(MeshT* _mesh, double &min, double &max, double &mean);
/// Get edge lengths
bool getEdgeLengths(int _id, double &min, double &max, double &mean);
/// Mouse click hit point on face
ACG::Vec3d hit_point_;
/** @} */
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