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switch property window doc to plugin-move which provides the code for property window

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......@@ -8,6 +8,7 @@ The movement can be done with the <a href="../user/manipulator.html"><b>Manipula
\section Summary
\li \ref move_mode
\li \ref property_window
\section move_mode Move Mode
You can move an object in 3D space or you can also move
......@@ -26,4 +27,19 @@ Keep in mind, you has to select some data.
\note Learn How-to use the Manipulator? <a href="../user/manipulator.html"><b>Click this link</b></a>
\section property_window Property Window
To open the property window, right-click on the manipulator and click on "Set Properties".
The property window provides several options to set the position/direction of the manipulator and
for translation, rotation and scaling.
It is simple to use:\n
\li Choose the operation that should be done. They are written on the left buttons (e.g. translation).
\li Write your values into the edit boxes next to the buttons.
Which axis/angle the edit boxes describe is shown above of the boxes (e.g. first edit box after button translation is for the x-axis).
\li Click on the left operation button.
In section "Manipulator Mode" the move mode is selectable. For more information see \ref move_mode.
If no Manipulator Mode is selected, your current mode isn't supported by the Move-Plugin.
\note Besides, one mode is not supported by the Move-Plugin, you can translate/rotate/scale as described above,
if the mode supports the Manipulator.
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