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PropertyVis user documentation

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\mainpage Documentation for Property Visualization Plugin
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\section Summary
The property Visualization shows properties which are defined for vertices, edges, faces and half-edges.
You can find this plugin in you toolbox.
\li \ref prop
\li \ref visualize_modification
\li \ref pick_prop
\li \ref load_save
\section prop Properties
\image html show_properties_menu.png
In this section you select your mesh and the properties which you want to visualize.
Click on the Button 'Visualize' to visualize them. You can modify the visualization depending on the data type of your property (see \ref visualize_modification for more information).
\note You can select multiple properties by pressing <Ctrl> while selecting.
You can dublicate or remove an entry by clicking the buttons on the right side.
If you want to create a new property, see section \ref load_save to do this.
\section visualize_modification Visualize Modification
There are several visualization options for each property type:
\li \ref bool
\li \ref uint
\li \ref int
\li \ref double
\li \ref vector
\li \ref skin_weights
\note If you are going to change some values, you have to click the button 'visualize' below the property list again to apply your changes.
\subsection bool Bool
You can set the colors for the value 'True' and 'False' by clicking on the color boxes
\subsection uint Unsigned Integer
\li <em>Use color coder</em>: Use an internal function for representing colors for single values
\li <em>Fixed Range</em>: only Use colors in a defined range
\li <em>Use random colors</em>: Don't use the property value for the representing color
\li <em>Map value to black</em>: Show this value in black
\subsection int Integer
It has the same options like \ref uint plus the option:
\li <em>Use absolute values</em>: Signs of each value will be ignored.
\subsection double Double
It has the same options like \ref uint except of <em>Use random colors</em> and <em>Map value to black</em>.
\subsection vector 3D Vector
You can choose which color and which length your visualization vector should have.
Select you prefered color (click on the colorful box) and the length
There are following options for 3D Vector Properties:
\li <em>Normalize</em>: All visualized vectors have length one
\li <em>Scale with factor</em>: All visualized vectors lengths will be multiplied by this factor
If you select \em two 3D vector properties, you can see addtional functions for visualization:
\li <em>Don't visualize vectors, visualize vector difference</em>
\li <em>4-Symmetric Difference (0°-45°)</em>
\li <em>Difference in Magnitude (||a||-||b||)</em>
\li <em>Norm the Dofference(||a - b||)</em>
\subsection skin_weights Skin Weights
\li <em>Bone</em>: Select the ID of the bone to show his skin weights
\section pick_prop Pick Property
Press the button 'Pick Property' and select in your mesh a property.
The handle and value of this property are shown above the button.
\section load_save Load/Save/Create
You can create a new property for you selected model.
First, you have to select the data type (bool, Integer, etc.) of you new propety and where it is attached (Vertex, Edge, etc.).
After this step you can give you property a name and press the button 'Create New'
\note You have to reload the property list (i.e. press the reload button) to see a new created property.
\bug You cannot create a new 'skin weights' property yet.
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