Commit 50408cdf authored by Max Lyon's avatar Max Lyon
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fixes for OVM Handle constructor explicitness

parent e554ccc9
......@@ -177,7 +177,7 @@ unsigned int OVMPropertyVisualizer<MeshT>::getClosestHalffaceId(unsigned int _fa
template <typename MeshT>
unsigned int OVMPropertyVisualizer<MeshT>::getClosestHalfedgeId(unsigned int _face, ACG::Vec3d& _hitPoint)
unsigned int halfface = getClosestHalffaceId(_face, _hitPoint);
OpenVolumeMesh::HalfFaceHandle halfface = OpenVolumeMesh::HalfFaceHandle(getClosestHalffaceId(_face, _hitPoint));
OpenVolumeMesh::OpenVolumeMeshFace face = mesh->halfface(halfface);
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