Commit 527f12c4 authored by Martin Heistermann's avatar Martin Heistermann
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Fix some clang++4 warnings

parent 9fed59be
......@@ -101,17 +101,17 @@ class PropertyVisPlugin : public QObject, BaseInterface, LoadSaveInterface, Tool
void updateView();
void updatedObject(int, const UpdateType&);
void updateView() override;
void updatedObject(int, const UpdateType&) override;
void log(Logtype, QString);
void log(QString);
void log(Logtype, QString) override;
void log(QString) override;
// ToolboxInterface
void addToolbox( QString _name , QWidget* _widget ,QIcon* _icon);
void addToolbox( QString _name , QWidget* _widget ,QIcon* _icon) override;
void addHiddenPickMode( const std::string& _mode );
void addHiddenPickMode( const std::string& _mode ) override;
// Script Interface
void getScriptingEngine( QScriptEngine*& _engine ) override;
......@@ -119,25 +119,25 @@ signals:
private slots:
// BaseInterface
void slotObjectUpdated( int _identifier, const UpdateType& _type );
void slotAllCleared();
void slotObjectUpdated( int _identifier, const UpdateType& _type ) override;
void slotAllCleared() override;
// LoadSaveInterface
void objectDeleted( int _id );
void objectDeleted( int _id ) override;
// initialization functions
void initializePlugin();
void pluginsInitialized();
void initializePlugin() override;
void pluginsInitialized() override;
// toolbox slots
void slotMeshChanged(int _index = -1);
void slotVisualize();
// MouseInterface
void slotMouseEvent( QMouseEvent* _event );
void slotMouseEvent( QMouseEvent* _event ) override;
void slotPickModeChanged( const std::string& _mode);
void slotPickModeChanged( const std::string& _mode) override;
void updateGUI();
......@@ -165,8 +165,8 @@ public :
~PropertyVisPlugin() {}
QString name() { return (QString("Property Visualization")); }
QString description( ) { return (QString("Computes the PropertyVis of the the active Mesh")); }
QString name() override { return (QString("Property Visualization")); }
QString description( ) override { return (QString("Computes the PropertyVis of the the active Mesh")); }
private :
......@@ -201,7 +201,7 @@ public:
static DataType supportedDataTypes()
static inline DataType supportedDataTypes()
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