Commit 0307df9e authored by Jan Möbius's avatar Jan Möbius
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Changed selection interface

The qicons have been replaced by QString. The path to the icon has to be given now
This avoids the problem of qpixmap creation in the selection plugins, when no gui is present
Added deprecation warning, to informa about deprecated plugin interface usage

git-svn-id: 383ad7c9-94d9-4d36-a494-682f7c89f535
parent 9c26e445
......@@ -97,13 +97,13 @@ void BSplineSurfaceSelectionPlugin::pluginsInitialized() {
QString iconPath = OpenFlipper::Options::iconDirStr() + OpenFlipper::Options::dirSeparator();
emit addSelectionEnvironment("B-Spline Surface Selections", "Select B-Spline surface primitives.",
QIcon(iconPath + "bsplinesurface.png"), environmentHandle_);
iconPath + "bsplinesurface.png", environmentHandle_);
// Register mesh object types
emit registerType(environmentHandle_, DATA_BSPLINE_SURFACE);
emit addPrimitiveType(environmentHandle_, "Select Control Points", QIcon(iconPath + CONTROL_POINT_TYPE), controlPointType_);
emit addPrimitiveType(environmentHandle_, "Select Knots", QIcon(iconPath + KNOT_TYPE), knotType_);
emit addPrimitiveType(environmentHandle_, "Select Control Points", iconPath + CONTROL_POINT_TYPE, controlPointType_);
emit addPrimitiveType(environmentHandle_, "Select Knots", iconPath + KNOT_TYPE, knotType_);
allSupportedTypes_ = controlPointType_ | knotType_;
......@@ -101,9 +101,9 @@ signals:
void scriptInfo(QString _functionName);
// SelectionInterface
void addSelectionEnvironment(QString _modeName, QString _description, QIcon _icon, QString& _handleName);
void addSelectionEnvironment(QString _modeName, QString _description, QString _icon, QString& _handleName);
void registerType(QString _handleName, DataType _type);
void addPrimitiveType(QString _handleName, QString _name, QIcon _icon, SelectionInterface::PrimitiveType& _typeHandle);
void addPrimitiveType(QString _handleName, QString _name, QString _icon, SelectionInterface::PrimitiveType& _typeHandle);
void addSelectionOperations(QString _handleName, QStringList _operationsList, QString _category, SelectionInterface::PrimitiveType _type = 0u);
void showToggleSelectionMode(QString _handleName, bool _show, SelectionInterface::PrimitiveType _associatedTypes);
void showVolumeLassoSelectionMode(QString _handleName, bool _show, SelectionInterface::PrimitiveType _associatedTypes);
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