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Added userdoc for topology plugin

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......@@ -91,25 +91,44 @@ void TopologyPlugin::pluginsInitialized() {
QString iconPath = OpenFlipper::Options::iconDirStr()+OpenFlipper::Options::dirSeparator();
const QString baseHelpURL = "<a href='qthelp://org.openflipper.plugin-topology/Plugin-Topology/index.html";
const QString clickText = tr("Click for more information</a>");
edgeFlipAction_ = toolbar_->addAction( QIcon(iconPath + "topology-edgeFlip.png"), EDGE_FLIP_POPUP );
edgeFlipAction_->setCheckable( true);
edgeFlipAction_->setWhatsThis(tr("Flip edge. ") + baseHelpURL+ "#flip_edge'>" + clickText);
edgeSplitAction_ = toolbar_->addAction( QIcon(iconPath + "topology-edgeSplit.png"), EDGE_SPLIT_POPUP );
edgeSplitAction_->setCheckable( true);
edgeSplitAction_->setWhatsThis(tr("Split edge. ") + baseHelpURL+ "#split_edge'>" + clickText);
edgeCollapseAction_ = toolbar_->addAction( QIcon(iconPath + "topology-edgeCollapse.png"), EDGE_COLLAPSE_POPUP );
edgeCollapseAction_->setCheckable( true);
edgeCollapseAction_->setWhatsThis(tr("Collapse edge. ") + baseHelpURL+ "#collapse_edge'>" + clickText);
faceAddAction_ = toolbar_->addAction( QIcon(iconPath + "topology-addFace.png"), FACE_ADD_POPUP );
faceAddAction_->setCheckable( true);
faceAddAction_->setWhatsThis(tr("Add face.") + baseHelpURL+ "#add_face'>" + clickText);
faceDeleteAction_ = toolbar_->addAction( QIcon(iconPath + "topology-deleteFace.png"), FACE_DELETE_POPUP );
faceDeleteAction_->setCheckable( true);
faceDeleteAction_->setWhatsThis(tr("Delete face. ") + baseHelpURL+ "#delete_face'>" + clickText);
faceSplitAction_ = toolbar_->addAction( QIcon(iconPath + "topology-splitFace.png"), FACE_SPLIT_POPUP );
faceSplitAction_->setCheckable( true);
faceSplitAction_->setWhatsThis(tr("Split face. ") + baseHelpURL+ "#split_face'>" + clickText);
\mainpage Documentation for topology plugin
\section Functionality
The topology plugin can be used to modify the topology of polygonal and triangular meshes. The plugin
creates a toolbar which can be used to access it's functionality:
\image html topologyToolbar.png
\section flip_edge Flipping edges
\image html topology-edgeFlip.png
The first button can be used to flip edges in triangular meshes. \n
Click on the icon and then click on the edge you want to flip.
\section split_edge Splitting edges
\image html topology-edgeSplit.png
Use this button split edges in triangular and polygonal meshes. \n
Click on the icon and then click on the edge you want to split.
\section collapse_edge Collapsing edges
\image html topology-edgeCollapse.png
With this button you can collapse edges in triangular and polygonal meshes. \n
Click on the icon and then click on the edge you want to collapse. The vertex of the edge that is
farther away from the clicked point will be collapsed into the vertex that is closer to the clicked position.
\section add_face Adding faces
\image html topology-addFace.png
This button can be used to add new faces to triangular and polygonal meshes. \n
For triangular meshes, click on the button and then click onto the vertices that will form the new faces.
The vertices are connected in the order you click and they will get highlighted when they are recognized
correctly. \n
For polygonal meshes, it works like for triangular meshes except, that the face will be created after a
doubleclick (as the face can have 3 or more vertices)
\section delete_face Deleting faces
\image html topology-deleteFace.png
Use this button to delete faces from triangular and polygonal meshes. \n
Click on the button and then click on the faces you want to delete.
\section split_face Splitting faces faces
\image html topology-splitFace.png
Use this button to split faces in triangular and polygonal meshes. \n
Click on the button and then click on the face you want to split. The new vertex
will be added at the clicked position.
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