Commit 5a6e2df0 authored by Jan Möbius's avatar Jan Möbius
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Moved VsiMetadata for move into move plugin

Added scripting functions to modify the scenegraph matrix

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<element name="move_translate">
<category>Object Manipulation</category>
<long>Translates and transforms all vertices of an object.</long>
<input name="obj" type="ObjectId">
<long>ID of an object</long>
<input name="vec" type="Vector">
<short>Translation vector</short>
<long>Vector to translate with</long>
<input name="mat" type="Matrix">
<short>Transformation matrix</short>
<long>Matrix to transform with</long>
move.translate([input="obj"], [input="vec"]);
move.transform([input="obj"], [input="mat"]);
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